United Heat & Power Pte Ltd “UHP” was established in 2009 with a global business activities through the Technical Group network. UHP as a part of the Technical Group of companies operates from multiple facilities in many regions providing localised service and manufacturing as well as local content to our customers.

USA • Singapore • Korea • Thailand • Indonesia • Australia • China


Technical USA


Technical Asia


Technical Korea


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Technical Southeast Asia


Calorifer Nantong Co. Ltd.


Technical Australia

Our expertise:

  • Power Generation (Diesel, Gas and Dual fuel engines and turbines, Organic Rankine Cycle)
  • Gas Compression (BOG, Hydrogen, Natural Gas)
  • Gas Treatment (Gas sweetening, CO2 removal, dehydration, filtration,)
  • Gas Liquefaction (Micro LNG, LPG)
  • Compressed Air (screw, centrifugal, reciprocating, oil free, up to 1000barg, Zone 2 rated)
  • N2 Generation (PSA, membranes, N2 boosting)
  • Mechanical Drive Packages (fire pumps, crude oil pumps, sea water injection, hydraulic packs, gas turbine and steam drivers)
  • Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels (fin fan air cooled, shell and tubes, radiators)
  • Noise Enclosures (A60 fire rated, Zone 2 rated)
  • Onsite customer services (from all regional locations, onshore and offshore)
  • Control Systems (design, programming, integration and commissioning