UHP specializes in designing and assembling customized modular power, onshore and offshore heating and cooling solutions. With flexible fuel capabilities for Engines and Turbines, low BTU and sour gases. Our package engineers would be pleased to design and select the best products from our Principals.

We have customized solutions for:

Flexible dual fuel systems (gas, diesel and heavy fuel oil)

Fully black start capabilities for remote and emergency applications

Multiple starting systems (electric, hydraulic or air motor starters)

Noise control enclosure (A60 fire proof, IP55 offshore weatherproof and Zone 2 hazardous rated)

Fire fighting systems (water mist, CO2, Inergen)

F&G detectors and control systems

PLC based conditioning monitoring and control systems

Compact foot print solutions for offshore and retrofit applications

CHP: Combined Heat & Power Systems (Co-Generation)

CCHP: Combined Cooling, Heating & Power Systems (Tri-Generation)

ORC: Organic Rankine Cycle

Fuel types:



Heavy oil

Duel fuel

Bio gas

Bio mass

Low Heat Value, Sour gas, and high sulphur content

Volatile organic compound (VOC) destruction